its a jeep thing here to see Video

Damn, thats no joke of a jeep right there

yep. fuck the haters. jeep > *

a snorkel + jeep = lots of fun to be had

screw a snorkel i did pretty much that in my old wrangler

that was awesome

i love how he just sits there for a minute so everyone thinks he is stuck, then just drives it normally out of there like it was nothing :lol:

that was probably about the time he regained consciousness. looked like that landing jarred a few bones. pretty sweet.

that and he prob stalled it, then had to re-start it.

oh and i dont know this from expereince :snky: :slight_smile:

on another note.

i need a snorkel


I dont think he stalled it because you can see bubbles comming out the exhaust the whole time.

he had to sink a little bit to get the tires on the ground.

we did that this weekend down at Paragon :slight_smile: