It's summer time, and the ladies are all out in their...


w … t … f …?

the skirted swimwear is for me…:tup:


hmmm maybe I will move to the middle east and sell these, bet they would go like hot cakes there

those are HOTT!!!

hahahaa… WOW.

but you know, maybe this is better for everyone… to wear something little and having every flab out isn’t always a pretty sight. tho I rather enjoy the standard-sized swimwear pieces, I have to say that I’d only like to see them on the sexy bods of the world.

hey, maybe this cover up method is a good idea… even tho it may look like it’s not.

if the amish only had the internet.

btw…the dude in the far right picture…looks like a dude.

swimwear that “highlights the face, rather than the body”…

the funny part is that they are pretty expensive too…

haha, its gonna highlight the black eye i gave those ugly bitches…

OMG, i am going to hell…

I hope someone drowns in that shit.

reminds me of the time I went to that Amish strip club

hot hot hot

those bitches were down to the 4th layer!!!


My question is… How did You find this?


Well my sister had some kids over one time that she tutored, and I can’t remember where they were from, but the older sister wore like a complete outfit (not like this though) when she went into the pool. Sometimes people have ot be covered up, it’s a religious thing or something else.

nothin like goin to the beach in a t-shirt

Ugh… I can’t imagine wearing all that and getting into a pool. Not natural

Fucking right wing freaks!!! Women were meant to wear the least amount of clothing that is necessary… Heheh…

OMG I think I am going to move this thread to “Not Work Safe zone” :lol:

I just enjoy that there are actually some “temporarily out of stock”

i wonder how much harder it is to swim in one of those. And if it is, i wonder if you can argue its a safety risk for drowning.

haha…i was just thinking what Josh posted… amish swimwear :lol:

i personally could not swim in something that long or bulky like or move around comfortably in…

religious or weight reasons…cool…

but imo…its iffy, lol