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Me and Mrsmith were out n about for some coffee when we roll up to a charcoal gray Mustang GT with some shiny new after market exhaust. I pace next to him in 4th gear look over and smiled at his girlie. :slight_smile: She was checkn out the pimp civic y0. I tease him a little and he shows me that he wants to be “Big man” in front of his girl. I hear him down shift so I did too. I wait for him to jump me and he does so give it all she’s got. Top of third I pull a 1 car, fouth gear I am putting buses. Being a dork that I am, I put out my right hand out the window and give him a big see ya wave :wave: . I almost hit the curb because smith and I were laughin so hard :lol: I think his girl wants a ride in the civic y0.

Ok i see how it is toughguy, just wait til i get home youre gettin the hazards :lol:

Where is your bf smiff anyways get him over here i miss his witty kill stories :lol:

Oh and good kill :smiley:

nice kill :tup:

Sure it wasn’t a V-6?? Cause you coulda had a REAL V-8.

:lol: nice kill

LOL, it’s nice when a tough guy shows himself “who’s da man” :wink:


It was a real V8, bring the pain if you got some

hahaha! Team Cock Block!

nice kill on the v-8

i love that shit seriously when u totally shut down some1 with thwir girl, never underestimate the lowered civic, he shoulda known with those hott ruims u have

he hadta be so pissed off losing to a little honda infront of his girl like that

wow sounds like u have a nice car

nah gay n slo

Kill ++ :tup:

What year Rustang?

like the 2002 body style