Lake Erie Tri-State Mopar Club show in Albion, PA (no 56K!!!!)

i went to Albion, PA today where the Lake Eire Tri-State Mopar Cluib had thier annual car show. Basically, if it was made my Chrysler, it was there. I drove the R/T down and entered it in the show, under the “1996-2005 Modified Truck” Class. it rained for a good portion of the day, but it was a good time and here are some pics.
i was being judged against the white Ram^
also being judged agains this^
this was for sale. almost identical to mine but a regular cab^
i have absolutely NO use for 2 Dakota R/Ts, but i still wanted it^
another Dakota R/T^
i had to be careful not to drool on this one. had a Vortech blower and Tremec 6-speed conversion
mmmmmm R/T on boost…^
he had his slicks in the bed and was ready to go^
i was somewhat suprised when they called my name to award the 3rd Place in the 1996-2005 Modded Truck class. There were a lot of good trucks there. The blue Dakota with the supercahrger got 2nd and some GAAAAAYYYY pink truck with wire wheels and hydrolics got 1st (WTF???). i shouldnt complain, i was really flattered that i even got 3rd.
me by the truck taking a pic with my eyes closed and looking stupid haha^

overall it ahd a great time, even though it was a little wet and the crowd was a bit smaller than usual. i can’t wait untill next year though.

wish i coulda went my competion woulda been truck next to u and white dodge next year maybe

congrats. dude good work

Your truck looked better than any others IMO, although the blower would be a nice addtion. You look like a big mofo when you’re getting your award :stuck_out_tongue:

haha nah im not really. that person handing them out was kinda short.

do you have a listing of the different classes that were available?
some nice looking E-bods, but my fav is the '68 RR 383. I love those cars.

congrats d00der :tup:

:tup: congrates.

there were 25 different calsses for all of the cars and trucks. i wasnt really paying too much attention to what the classes were for cars, but as far as trucks went:
-1996-2005 Modifeid Truck (thats what i placed in)
-1996-2005 Stock Truck
-Pre-1996 Modified Truck
-Pre-1996 Stock Truck

to be classified as 'Stock" u could have no more than 3 modifications (they considered little stuff like Window tints and even window stickers a modification. so there were a lot of trucks in the modded class lol)