Lamest Bday evar!

Grr been home alone all day and everbody is too buisy to do anything…an being broke owns my ass…this is teh ghey X 21387423846

put on your favorite taking back sunday track and slice away :tup:

hehe end yourself you are old

Ah sounds like my birthdays…except last year I didnt sit home by myself… went to bar… got kicked out of bar when friend started beating up random guy. Fun.

Happy birthday and hope you can pretend at least to enjoy your day.

birthdays are overated… jsut celebrate it when yo can get some of your peeps together.


i like getting laid, fed, laid, blown on my birthday.
Doesn’t have to be in that order, and doesn’t have to be on my birthday :wink:

Still on for the Filler?

well i can guarantee you your birthday wasnt as bad as mine was that is unless you got rocket attacked and all your friends flew 7000 miles away :lol::bloated:

mikes Bday < all.

ok got me beat.

hmm so JT is around on your birthday huh

You should see that kid hop out of a cake with his shirt off :eek:

Happy belated homie

Thanx ya

Well,I reccomend buying the vaginal pixie sprinkles for your ice cream.

i think dashboard would be preferred.

anyways, yeah i havent ever had a good birthday in my life. the only one i can even remember where i was is my 21st at O. I think I had 1 drink and pretty much sat around all night. Wooooooo Woooooooooo

sorry man…i 4got