Lamest IM racing convo EVAR!

He’s got a 2003 Celica GTS…

[12:45] BgTymerz: hey wats up
[13:04] tmoneyblingbling: sup
[13:04] tmoneyblingbling: organizing hotel shit for ocean city
[13:06] BgTymerz: you gotta hear this story
[13:06] tmoneyblingbling: hmmm
[13:06] BgTymerz: we went to mc ds last nite
[13:07] BgTymerz: in bellview
[13:07] tmoneyblingbling: k
[13:07] BgTymerz: and i pull up next to this taxi on the way back
[13:07] BgTymerz: by the mckees rox bridge
[13:08] BgTymerz: and i was fuckin around and reved my engine
[13:08] tmoneyblingbling: k…
[13:08] BgTymerz: well when the light turned green he jumped it
[13:08] BgTymerz: so i said fuck it and i started tearin through gears
[13:09] tmoneyblingbling: k
[13:09] tmoneyblingbling: point of story
[13:09] BgTymerz: and i had him by a car length the whole time
[13:09] BgTymerz: me and a cab were racin well over 110 on 65
[13:09] BgTymerz: and i beat him
[13:09] BgTymerz: with jason and brett in my car
[13:09] tmoneyblingbling: so you beat a taxi cab
[13:10] BgTymerz: i thought it was funny
[13:10] tmoneyblingbling: for some odd reason I am not impressed at all
[13:10] BgTymerz: a v8 crown vic
[13:11] BgTymerz: vs me with 2 passengers
[13:11] BgTymerz: it was just a good time


who was that?

sounds pretty :greddy: so it must be a kid from SCF




i bet you’re right! real :greddy:


Why are you guys so mean to me!!! :cry:


what goes around comes around :kekegay:

now go into to rant

you’re the one that joined the club. we didnt join it for you


great pic

this may possibly be the worst thread ever…

ur sig is worse!

Well, until i get pics of you in a cheerleading outfit… its staying.

stop buy!:naughty:

i bet it was eric in the taxi… the guy that did the burnouts last year…