Lancaster 5/6/08 vids

Here are the vids from tonight

I was having more launching issues, it was eiether bog or spin :deadhorse2:i was 2.0 60 foots all day again. I need to learn how to launch better.

Cory cut a nasty 1.6 60 foot, but as the night went on the track quality went to crap. Crappy track prep and the few poor mobiles that blew their transmissions and dumped fluid on the track didnt help things.

in my car (Im bogging here)

Me vs Cory

me vs cory again (i rolled out of the lights waiting for the tree to drop and it red lit on the 2nd yellow :frowning: and figures it would be the one decent 1.9 60 foot of the night)

One of cory’s runs (traction was going in the shitter by this point)

not too bad of times there

yea all and all it was a pretty good night til the track cooled down…jim and i got about 3-4 runs in together when he wasnt running the broad in the old firebird :wink: lol…i was fairly consistent at the beginning running 7.7x’s with a worst being an 8.3 (OUCH) because of the tranny fluid still all over the track…i cut a 1.62 60 ft. which then led to a 7.63 1/8 @ 87 mph…hmmm looks like i CAN drive and the car does just fine with out the 3.73’s and the ported throttle body thats no longer on the car lol the tire pressure was left at 20-22 lbs and i was launching at about 3K

i def wanna go to NYI or lancaster during the day when the track stays consistently warmer and see if i can dip a tad bit lower…i DEF think this car has 7.5x potential if launched a little harder and or the tire pressure goes a little lower

edit: i know it doesnt add much weight, but the rear seats/carpet were put back in too :stuck_out_tongue:

nice trap speeds.

jim we gotta figure out a strategy for ya bro lol i say dump the slut at 6K and i like i told you 10 psi in those tires or bust lol

practice makes perfect :tantrum:… hopefully… its pretty shameful to say that i cut 2.0-1.9 60 foots on a car with full suspension/9 inch/ slicks

i know the car has A LOT more in it as far as times go. The one 8.0 i had was with a 2.1 60 foot :frowning:

dude your car DEF has mid 7’s potential without a doubt! your top end is where your gonna get me anyways because all of our races your starting to reel me in at the 330 mark, sad that its only an 1/8th mile track lol but if you get those launches down and pull some 1.7 60 fts…easy 7.5x’s!

Nice times
I ditched the ported TB off the car because something didnt feel right with the throttle response, seemed to studder some and was a little sluggish off the line, Justin seemed to think it was plugs and wires but when I swapped it over to stock (I tried cleaning the TB and the maf first) that seemed to clear up…
Amazing what that car runs, it really dosent have shit for mods besides LTs and exhaust, stall and UD pulley
It seems the 3.23s havent hurt the times or the traps either

Drop a LS6 intake on that hoe!!

yea…now that i can see what this slut will do at the track its making it tough for me to wanna get rid of it lol…IF i were to mod it i would def do an LS6 intake manifold, some ported heads, FAST 90 TB, daaaa cam lol and of course a new rear end…ill see what those do to the times and i can judge how i wanna run the NAWWWWZ accordingly lol

heating the tires up good?

yea he was smokin’ em like john force out there…it seemed like the higher he would launch the more wheel spin he would get (obv.) but the lower he would launch the more it would bog down after coming up right away from the launch…i think he needs to find the sweet spot in his power band thats gonna let him just stick and BOOM! gone…i know psychopjv is/was cutting 1.7 60 ft with his 6 spd…hell 2nd time out in his car i put down a 1.8 and that was STILL with wheel spin bc i didnt heat the tires up enough…hes just gotta practice til it becomes second nature

could be the way he has his shocks set up. Yeah it’s all about getting used to it and practicing. Woah whore it was a 1.9 :slight_smile: we’ll have fun this year, worst case we could always borrow my kit to your car and wail on it that way.

oops mah bad lol but still not too shabby for not heating teh wheelz up…and hmmm you raise an interesting point for the nawwwzzzz…i want in on the spray goodness!! :wiggle:

you guys need to stop talking about the spray, you are bad influences :smiley:

so buy an HSW 90mm and have at it. it’s a good time and it’s kinda nice to have it on a switch.

:tup: to HSW. I love their stuff. JT don’t you have 373s in your car?


if you had spray you could spray outta the hole :slight_smile: that would help your short times a bit…traction pending.

I think the lack of an aggressive enough gear is making launching harder than it needs to be…

shorter gear would help, how tall is your tire?