Lancaster Speedway / Dunn Tire Raceway / Elegant Builders Raceway Sold?


anybody here rumors of emerling chevy taking over operations of lancaster speedway?


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And no idea, but rumors of it’s demise / sale have been greatly exaggerated in the past.


Would be awesome but highly doubt it.



I’m just curious I know they pretty much ran off all the circle track people


Ralph ran off the street stock guys in a bad way. If a new owner came in street stocks would be back. Ralph is a drag racer so he cares about the drag racing. The circle track is what used to draw a crowd there, it is much harder now a days but can still be done. Believe it or not as shitty as lancasters track looks it is the most racey and one of the more prestigious tracks to win at. But when it cost more to run a weekend than you can win its hard for the drivers to be willing to come. Some one needs to have a big wallet and willing to pay out to get things rolling again. More drivers means, more fans in the seats, which means more money in the tracks and drivers pockets.


Yea I worked there back during high school it was always packed I went a few times this past year and they’re really hurting


Well their main class is the sport mods which on paper were a good idea, cars all have same rules from track to track. But they dont make a lot of power have a small hard tire very little good racing. The big shows for the sport mods dont pull any crowd. Get a late model or ROC mod race and the place is jamming. Hell even the big ten super stocks pull a better crowd than their weekly sport mods do. Like I said before they need to get cars back there. People like to go watch their family or friends race not random people. One more racer usually brings at least 4 more people into the crowd, wife kids friends what ever. Its easy when you think of it but not easy to pull of.


What I don’t understand is Ralph owned it many years ago circle track stuff was doing fine…

Then it got sold to the guy who owned all the tire shops and went down hill since then eventually Ralph ended up buying it back.


When Ralph took over the circle track was so strong that it carried through him then started going down he got out Reid tried well some what tried to help and made things worst Ralph took over again and has done nothing that Ive seen to help the situation.


I am friends with a bunch of former lancaster drivers. The feeling in unanimous. As long a Ralph is there, no one is coming back.
I ran 4cyls there for a few years, but it got too expensive. $35 each for a crew member? To watch a 1/4 full race program? Fuck that.

I know a lot of guys that would LOVE to come back and run, if the class rules were set up to make cars cheaper to run, and eleminated the cheaters.
Guys who dont cheat wind up watching the same three or 4 guys run rings around everyone else. In a class where the rules make the cars “even”. It gets old quick.


I guess everyone will find out in the spring :gotme:


Bump. For sale:

Full info / flyer here:


Its been for sale for years


Well I’ve searched the subject before and this is the first time I’ve actually seen a listing for it.


NYSpeed Raceway Park

Well, one can always dream.


Start a kickstarter.


Not for that price.


Price goes up yearly it seems… It’ll never sale at this rate.


Josh’s Raceway Park. I like it.


I’d want some wild sponsor. Like Fleshlight Raceway Park. Or maybe just call it Thunder Dome, officially.