Laptop Help - External HD Enclosure?

A friend of mine is having troubles with his laptop. It was working for his wife, using her profile, but when he used his profile, it slowed down to a crawl. It could be the heat, as they don’t have air-conditioning, and when he was using it, it was warmer in the house than when she was using it.

So, if letting it cool down doesn’t help, I offered to back up his needed info, wipe the drive and reinstall Windows, etc., as it seems possibly virus related.

However, I made that suggestion before I realized it was a laptop. I figured it was a tower, and I’d pop his HD into one of my external cases and do the backup on my main system. But, it’s a laptop. I don’t have an external case for a laptop drive.

Anyone have one I could use?

Anyone have other ideas on how to back up a not-so-happy laptop?

Network connection available on the laptop?

you need a 10 dollar adapter

or you can send it to me and i can do it forensically :wink:

Hmm… Maybe I’d send him to CompUSA for one of those to hook up to one of my HD enclosures.

send me the drive. comp usa will rape you. send em 5 mighty bux and ill do whatever you want.



I don’t mean to have CompUSA do any work, I mean to get that connector, and subsequently return it when we’re done. “It didn’t work.” :gotme: :lol:

that will work becasue they are very sensitive. we go through a few a month…

I have one of the connectors from my last HD that took a shit. $10 locally and its yours or if im feeling generous enough to look around for free i could probly find it

I ended up just installing Microsoft AntiSpyware, and it seemed to remedy the situation enough for the time being. If I end up needing to dig deeper into the computer, I’d like one of those adapters - pretty please?


i love it


I’d normally assume I am smart enough to avoid spyware, but I guess some files are super :snky:. I’m usually not a big fan of ANY antivirus software, but I can deal with this Anti-Spyware stuff from Micro$oft. Chances are they’re monitoring my illegal software, but in the meantime, I’m free of OTHER spyware. :slight_smile:

i agree with you, but i like to look at it this way…

they know how windows works can identify when the registry settings are not optimal, and detect spyware the best.

i love it.