Latest Gymkhaha video

I know some people are bored with these but I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of them.

And another one the YT algorithm recommended about a hour later because I watched the new one:


Fuck your fucking electric car. Fuck it.

ICE 4 lyfe

I still like them.
The ending on video1 one fell a little flat…

I liked the electric one for location, but listening to a full size car sound like an RC car is annoying.

Also, I guess now we know what caused the fire at the hoover dam a while back.
That car probably has a 5 minute run time.

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Saw this last night while looking on twitter for updates on Hamlin during the Bills game. The car scene lost a legend.


Ya was already pretty distraught watching what was going on with hamlin and saw this and nearly lost it.