LCD Q (2ms???)

Acer AL1916Fbd 19" 2ms LCD Monitor - 700:1, 1280x1024, 300cd/m2 brightness, RGB/DVI,

is that right they have 2ms LCD’s now??

i thought 8ms was the top… of course i’m a CRT man… but … i can’t believe they are pushing 2ms now

It’s probably G to G… It’s some bullshit form of measuring the response time…

I’ve actually seen quite a few 6ms LCD’s.

Read reviews and go to places like bestbuy or CC to view a LCD before you buy it,dont buy it there though lol.

Totally, get that thing in a real test lab and you’ll get some real figures, 2ms is a bullshit marketing time. Not full response time.

be aware… when researching LCD’s I’ve read that lower response times can also cause ghosting on the screen… just a heads up