leather color changing. now with pics 56k no way

well, i got a new/used set of leather seats for the car. problem is that they are grey and not black. so i ordered the poop to dye the leather black from

this weekend i am going to go through the motions on the arm rest. i figure i wont be pissed if i fuck up a part i wasnt going to use.
i will take pics and document the whole thing and do a little write up… maybe someone cares, maybe not… reguardless, i will still make a post about it.

So you are now making a post of how you are going to make a post. The only question that comes to mind is how did you come up with this post in the first place?

post up some pics when you’re done.

its a post for people with something constructive to add before i take sand paper to leather. it will then be purged of usless posts and turned into a how to.

thanks your input is appreciated

man i would be so worried that my pants would end up black every hot day… good luck.

finished the wet sanding on the arm pad. that went better than i pictured in my head.

alright here are the pics

cleaned the leather with the cleaner supplied

then wet sanded with 400 grit. i should have done it just a little bit more, perhaps i should have used a little thinner on it to remove the last of the original color.

here is a pic with the arm rest on the seat. the seat obviously has not been touched.

the kit comes with a handy dandy sprayer thing. it works better than bad, but i shot an email over to the company to see if this stuff will work with an air bruch or a small gravity feed.

heres a pic with of the same seat and arm rest after the color dried.

it turned out a lot better than i thought it would. it needs to cure for a couple days, then have a protectant applied (came with the kit) and then be buffed out 24 hours after that.
i fills in small cracks, but it looks like some of the larger ones i may need to use a little filler on (doesnt come with the kit).


hott – i’d consider doing mine :slight_smile:

its a lot of work (the wet sanding takes forever)

but the results are a billion times better than i was expecting. i should have more pics and a write up done over the next few weeks.

That looks 100% better, good job on that.

Looks good

hmm nice

Ah, now I see what you mean about my car benefiting from this thread. Too bad I don’t plan on keeping the stock leather seats, and am seriously considering switching to cloth if I stay in stock class for more than two seasons. After that, the leather will be gone in favor of race seats anyway.

but dude, theres is nothing like having some dead cow rubbing up on your ass

leather seats are good unless a. your car handles like dung b. your cars slow

good work though

nice results.

what is the filler you speak of? what is it made of? i am interested in that, then redying some dark grey seats i currently have.

pics of the finished job?

98ss10, the cream filler is listed on the website i posted in the first thread

jon, i havent even started the seats yet. they just got back to me yesterday and said i can use any sprayer. i am waiting for touch up spray gun to get delivered now. i figure i will get even better results that way.

some of us can go fast, handle, and have comfort. someday when you get big you will understand wanting comfort in your daily driver.