lets meet up tonight 8/26

joey, dave, me and a fwe people are meeting up at the lot, come up or sit at home and whack off to pics of my gf :nana

i’ll stay inside and play with my girlfriend.


i can take a break from my g/f tonight haha :nod

adam and sean are backing down.



:gay :+1 :asshole

adam is going… :ohnoes

leaving naow

Im staying home so wheres those pics? ;D

enjoy gentlemen

gonna head down in a lil while

I just got back from havin a nice workout with my gf… unfortunatly we went to the gym instead of her bedroom…

Much better than hanging out on a Tuesday night. ;D

How do you know her big red?

Yes I know who she is, i used to hang out and talk to her cousion a lot

thats plaf’s girl.


I slept all night at work… first time ever :sleep :sleep :sleep ;D

Ahh okay, dident realize her BF was Plaff here on the forums, me and him have met a couple times

have we? which cousin were you talking to?

i think hes talking about tor? idk