Lightning (pics inside!)


I got stuck in that storm too btw on my way home tonight :tdown: Traction issues like a mother fucker. damn good think I don’t have a locker or something


It was a very quick storm. Not much rain here in West Seneca…


We were sitting on patio watching it on the water and into N.T. so awesome looking but what it can do when it hits something.
Very nice pics tho.I need a damn camera to catch some of these shots over here.


nice first shot, did you crop that or did you just manage to perfectly center everything?

CES / Porn Convention Meet

No cropping done to the pics above.
No cropping done to the pics below.


Taken around 3 am. 2nd wave of the storm.

This one below was taken from the inside through the glass door.

Yes, thats a 3rd gen prelude…heh, too bad the lightning didn’t hit it.

and last one for the night, i hope…?!

Damn, i have to work in a few hours. It was well worth it tho. I hope i don’t see no more lightning for the night, cause ill get up and take some more pics.

I missed a huge lightning strike while i was setting up the camera. It went horizontal in the sky, and it was huge!

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Very cool pics Ivan, did you take these right from your house?

New Year Resolution

hot pics :slight_smile:

wimp :stuck_out_tongue: shoulda been outside taking pics instead :slight_smile:


i got scurrred and went to bed


If you like pic’s like that, I have TON’s, somewhere in the neighborhood of 50-60. And, that’s only since I moved to SC. The storms here are rediculous! Lightning literally every 10 seconds. Sooo, it works perfectly with a open shutter around 20 seconds and a darkening filter.

I usually use a F-Stop reducer of 1, F Stop at 2.8 and a 20 second shutter speed.

Then, when I get real lazy, I set up the tripod and put it on intervalometer and automatically take 1 picture every 30 seconds for 30 minutes…


The lightning actually scared me last night.

I would see the lightning, but therer was no thunder. I was like omg, TRIPODS, and not the kind you put a camera on. To my relief I started hearing thunder and there was no EMP pulse, so I knew I was safe, this time.

Ebay buyer problem...what do I do??

Seems tough to time those pics just right.


nice pics…

i woke up at 2am because of that storm…went to close my windows… tripped over something on my floor and hurt my toe :frowning:


those are some pretty insane shots mang.

SON, i got clutch problems

nice, i got out too late last nite and this is the only one i got


Those are awesome.
How do you do it though?
I have tried but I don’t know what I am doing.


I was watching that shit too! Lightning flashing many a second and no thunder…the funny thing was that I turned on HBO while watching this storm to Tom Cruise asking “Where’s the thunder?” at the beginning of War of the Worlds :lol:


AWD - use a long shutter, no flash, get lucky

FS: FP Green turbo

Nice pics micah. Too bad buffalo doesn’t get many of these storms…

I used Bulb setting, F8, remote, tripod, no flash, ISO 100. Wide angle lens, in my case a 18mm. Hit the shutter, wait, wait wait as soon as it strikes, give it like 10 seconds, and hit the shutter again. Usually they are around 40-80 second exposures…

wimp images/smilies/tongue.gif shoulda been outside taking pics instead images/smilies/smile.gif

I was out in the field 20 feet from a tree taking most of those pics. I got drenched, but it was worth it!

rim/tire combo, imput i dont eff up

do u think u could explian what those orange lights comming off the tree are? if not, i think i may know what they are, and u may have something special on your hands there.

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