Lightning Strikes

This blows, lightning struck a tree right in front of my house then traveled to the antenna on my truck and fried something. The inside smells like burnt wires = not good. Checked the fuses, the radio fuse is the only one that is burnt out. I tried replacing it and as soon as I put in a new one it blows, must be crossed wires in there somewhere. Truck wont start though, there is still battery power, power locks work and lights work. I think my automatic start maybe wired into my radio and is not allowing it to start even with the key. This sucks!

Now that sucks… Be glad your ECU isn’t fried… :wink:

I heard about this… thats some crazy shit, never heard of this happening to anyone, let alone where you live. WTF

Only one thing matters though…


thats some crappy luck

damn tht sux, but i have to agree with jack, f i were you id b glad it wasnt the “poopra”

My pops said most of the lightning strikes on cars he sees fry at least the ECU. If you need to find one give me a call I will see if he has one.

Yeah I dunno the ECU might be ok since the keyless entry works, and the Ford alarm arms and everything. I dunno though, hopefully homeowners insurance will cover I still have to find out…

POOPRAs fine, although that has unrelated issues of its own

I think the fact that the truck had a big ol metal antenna on it on the side that the tree was struck might have been the reason why it was struck

you should buy a lotto ticket.

God it telling you to get that supra done, He feels that I’m starting to talk too much smack about the real engine he had a hand in making. :wink:


^^^ o0o0o0o0o0o0o!!!1

the bcm runs your keyless, be worried about ya pcm