Lightning Repair Estimate????

I need to get a estimate on how much its going to be to fix my truck… I tore it apart myself and did not find anything that I could fix. I tried a new ECU and checked all fuses and wiring that I could see behind the dash, everything looked fine. Truck still wont start and but its getting power from the battery. Im not sure if the dealer will want to mess with it since it has a remote starter installed and they may just say thats the source of the problem. Is my only choice to get it towed to the dealer? It would be nice if someone could do it over the phone or at the house so I dont have to get towed. I have a 1,000 deductable so the insurance company says I should get a estimate before filing the claim. I rather have it declared a total loss at this point I guess, but then I would have to find a new car and that might be a pain too.

carbed v8 swap time

ford what?

a lot

electrical problems = a lot of time diagnosing. unless you get lucky. hard to guess until you start getting into it unless you know what is wrong.

well, from looking at his profile, I can assume it’s a Ranger…but who knows these days with the internet not being all usefull and stuff…lol

take it to al conte

best electrical man in the city

The truck was struck by LIGHTNING, its a 2001 ford RANGER

see thread

Can of gas and a match, problem fixed :slight_smile:

Have you taken out the remote start?

I would give tom (lemonz) a call and see if he can disable the alarm / starter kill in case that happens to be the cause of the issue, or at least the dealer can’t blame it on that then.

There is definately some melted wires or burnt electrical system somewhere in this truck, it STINKS like electrical fire big time. I am guessing its buried somewhere in the dash.

The lightning hit the antenna, so I am assuming that if you follow the antenna wire in, its gotta be somewhere along that route.

Its getting towed to the Jim Doyle, they said the remote start wont be a issue but who knows.

somthin like that is REALLY hard to estimate…it could be anything…and like walter said electrical problems are the hardest to diagnose = most time consuming = more money out of your pocket :frowning: