new here, need help


who wants to help with a HUGE automotive restoration project???

This is a 19?? Chevy Firetruck? and it doesn’t run.

If you are in the area, I would appreciate a serious diagnosis as to what is wrong so we can fix it!

Right now, a lot of people are saying a lot of different things are wrong with it so I’d appreciate some advice.

It’s been sitting for at least 3 years, most likely more. It’s super rusty underneath and an electrical nightmare. But if it turns out to be fixable within a reasonable amount of money, we’ll probably try to fix her up good.

All I know is that we don’t have a key for it, the battery is garbage, and it has an old corvette motor.

If you can just take a look at it and let me know what’s wrong I’d really appreciate it. You can PM me or reply here. Thanks!


That’s a gem. i’m personally too busy to take on that kind of a project here but if you wanted to give me a call at some point we can talk and I might be able to steer you in the right direction. 518-225-8384

nice find though. One of my would-like-to future projects is to build a tow truck rod shop vehicle out of an old fire engine. there hard to find in decent shape.


I would suggest dropping the tank if your unsure of how long its been sitting it prob has shit fuel


Drop a Duramax in it.

Its a '47-'53 Chevy.


Yea I wish I found it haha. I go to school in Troy and this used to be my Fraternity’s rush vehicle/ community service propaganda machine.

I guess I should have clarified, I only need someone to come and look at the truck. I couldn’t possibly ask people to help out with a project this big for free. Basically a mechanic’s eye to tell me what’s wrong so I can gather money and people to fix it ourselves.

Best of luck to your future projects though, they sound like they’ll be a lot of fun.

Yea if it has any gas at all, that is haha.

Thanks for narrowing it down haha.


A location of this thing would also help. Also you might want to try and get a good used battery so you can try and get the thing to crank if you manage to find a key for it.


I’d try to make run on ether/starting fluid to isolate gas as a variable while cranking.

Do a compression test too.

Check all the rubber lines for cracks.


No, if this thing is has not been running for awhile the LAST thing you want to try to do is start it up or even perform a comp test… Need to soak the cylinder in MMO prior to anything else. If the bores are dry you can and will inadvertently score the bores in these old motors on dry rings.

Two, once that is complete and you have pressure while cranking then you should run fuel to the pump/carb from a separate small reservoir. A simple gallon jug will suffice for that matter or even a boat fuel cell.

where exactly is this thing located? If it’s close I may be able to sneak out of the shop for a few hours to look it over and give you a rough idea of what you’re looking at on the simple premise that I really like this thing.


It used to be in the lawn in front of pike house. which is only a couple blocks off housick st…


Cool truck. I’ll help you put a Detroit in it.




Sorry, thought I mentioned that. I’m in Troy. I go to school at RPI.

Thanks, hopefully the weather stays decent enough to go take a look at everything.

You are correct. It is still in out lawn.

Haha thanks


I second this


So it has been a long while but we have finally found a donor to fund this build.

What I would like to know is if there is anyone capable of fully diagnosing the problems with this truck, updated pics will come soon.

The truck is located in Troy, really close to Hoosick Street. If you have a shop and would be interested in doing this semi-resotration, or know of a capable shop, please contact me via PM or here. We just need to see what exactly is wrong with it and a ballpark estimate of how much it will cost.

Thanks a lot guys.