lime rock picks


We have a picture section for this…

o where is that ?

In the ‘Picks’ subforum.

Those are fun. You will be amazed what a crappy NA dodge I-4 engine and 300 treadwear tires can do on 1250 lbs mid engine open wheel chassis. The spoilers actually produce not a lot of DF but it is a noticeable difference from the school cars.

+1 Definitely hairy and big $$ signs went off in my head whenever I crested the top of the hill and the whole thing still got light before having to make the slight right.

Much respect to anyone who can actually drive an open wheel car!

I’m digging the E30 with the K1s

You just pay $$$, anyone can drive. :lol

No more difficult than driving a mid engine passenger car, same basic driving principle applies.

Having to consistently drive at the car’s limit, that’s another question.

Exactly what I did… Pay $$$… Did I actually “drive” the car? That’s another question altogether… hahah

you know that’s bailey, right? :lol

How much does it cost to run a skip barber car?

for 1 day it’s around $ 1,700.00

Oh wow. That old mans still got it :rofl

you know it! i have to get in touch with him to see when he’ll be auto x’ing or going to LRP next season.

Not bad at all, Jeremy. Thanks for the pics!

thats brian baileys car. patroon bmw pres.

good to see tom, cossey, etc doin werk. :thumbup

he was our HS assistant principal, xreaction just forgot that was his car :rofl

This one kid in our class had a dedicated M power t shirt in his locker just in case one of us get sent to his office :rofl