lines painted in parking lot

anyone have the machine to do this? Or anyone work for a company that can do this?

i wish i did because i have a feeling you are trying to set up a bad ass meet for maybe friday

I know a guy that does it quasi on the side. I can relay some info if you’d like.

sweet, PM me his info please!

unfortunately not… I have been sucked into event planning at my real job now.

You sir, are the gopher of all things Expedient.

whitey, u gots pm

Team player… They pay me, I do whatever the hell they want me to do!

Paychecks FTW!

Buddy of mine does it on the side too. I’ll see him at our hockey game tonite and ask him about it.

Traffic marking systems. The guy that owns it is awesome. Tray Onett. 412-833-8090

use a roller

paint arrows on the street to find your way home from the bar?

that is a great idea

jeff i dont think there is enough paint to get your from Town Tavern to Dormont…hahaha


thanks Jay, gave him a call!

definitely ask him about it for me… thanks!