List your quebec importers!

Going to quebec to fetch a car and see a friend.

Just wondering if someone would mind sharing your opinions on different places and so on, and adress

Jdm racing motors and jdm montreal are good but the best thing to do is to go see all … they are all in the same area

i got my 180 at sunrise jdm motors. most of their cars have been there forever so you can get the askin price down by at least $1000. they act like they’re not gonna budge but eventually do. i called and asked them about another car, and the same thing happened. unfortunately for them i never went back lol. last time i checked they had an R32 GTR going for $7,500

i bought my 180 from JDM Nagoya in June '09. decent guys and my car was solid. i believe it and JDM Montreal back eachother. you can work with them on price too.

JDM Nagoya Auto Parts
10570 Ave. Ethier
Montreal, QC H1H 0A3