looking fir 18" tires

need them for next season

want the following sizes


any of the following sizes

more than 50% please

I have 2 brand new 235-35-18 perelli P zero’s

what are you looking to spend also might have a set
of 4 newer 18’s aswell not sure of size but could find out

hey pants
i can get you pretty much all of them
for practically free
pm if your interested

i need cheap as possible

tires only last 4 laps :frowning:

4 laps, sounds like an alignment issue

Looking at what these cost new is 300 each from tire rack and cheapest ive found was around 250 each.

I will let them both go for 250

PS and I will delivery to a reasonable area for free

and specs on these?

I found some more advans I’ll give you to go with the 12 we got yesterday!

i got new r compounds ?

235-35-18 Perelli P-Zero
Brand New

I need some

PM myself!


Pants, I’ve got 255 and 245 Nexen N3000’s (18’s of course). 245’s are brand new (I’ll give you the pro pricing that was extended to me, so cheap), and 255’s are used (cheaper). I have 4 of each.