Looking for someone to valet downtown.

I work at a restaurant downtown, and the valet dude hasn’t showed up, so I assume he’s been fired, since I filled in for him the past 3 or 4 weeks.

If anyone is interested, now would be a good time to start if you’ve never done it before since it’s pretty slow right now due to there not being many shows at sheas and such.

Last time I worked I made about $12/hr with tips and hourly pay and I didn’t do a whole lot of work, parked maybe 15-20 cars, and only had 2 cars left at 9 so i was able to take off then.

If you’re interested, obviously you have to be able to drive manual and auto tranny cars, be able to be really polite to the people, and be reliable (meaning don’t be a dick and not show up for work).

If interested, PM me for more details.

Thanks folks,

Oh crap, too bad I can’t drive an auto

hit me up with details dan, i could be interested

how many days a week/how many hours etc???

when I started there, I basically made my own schedule around school and stuff. I usually work wed/fri/sat. Friday and saturdays are the main days the valet would be needed now, and when shows start picking up again, maybe a few days of the week if you can.

Hours are usually 4 or 5pm until anywhere from 9 to 12. Really just depends on how busy it is.

My friend has been looking for a second job…hmmmmm hmmm maybe i’ll let her know

im definately interested. some extra money would be very helpful

What restaurant?

i don’t want to tell people unless they are seriously interested so there aren’t 20 people going to apply, ya know?

So far Sean has dibs it seems…

newman should jump all over this