Lots of F-body and Generic Parts

i want to get this stuff out: (pics up soon)

ford taurus fans with harness (flows an insane cfm) - $75 - PENDING
2001 f-body dual fans with shroud - $100
2001 passenger airbag w/ computer module - $100
2001 HVAC cluster and ducting - $100
2001 ABS module w/ bracket, no T/C - $75
2001 Cruise Control module - $50
2001 Random vacuum reserve tank - $10
2001 A/C Compressor - $40
2001 Clutch res tank - $15
2001 Front Sway bar brackets - $20
2001 Camaro Windshield Washer tank - $30
JAZ Coolant overflow tank - $20
JAZ engine crankcase breather w/ tank - $20

2001 Camaro Rear Brakes (great condition)
Calipers w/ ~42,000 miles
rubber lines included. i recommend squirting them with silver engine enamel. i did my front’s with that and they turned out like night and day. zero issues with these brakes, i just needed drag brakes for my new wheels

SSBC rear rotors

(2) Black Leather Corbeau TRS seats w/ f-body brackets
$800 with brackets
$750 w/o
nearly new condition, a few small blemishes

(2) 2001 Camaro tan leather seats
power driver seat, manual pass seat
“SS” stickers on headrest
these seats were in the car during the fire/hose down. they definitely need some cleaning, but honestly with a quick inspection, most of the “stuff” seemed to be dusting off. i’m sure with some elbow grease, these guys could clean up real well. they only have ~40,000 miles on them and were in pretty good condition. personally, i think they are comfortable as hell. only reason i didn’t use them is because i needed a seat i could use a 5pt harness with

2001 Camaro Tan plastics
many random pieces (ill call them out when i get the pics up)
again, these have been sitting, and need some elbow grease to be cleaned up, but im sure they can be cleaned up quite well.

2001 Camaro Tan sun visors
need cleaning, but otherwise in good condition

F-body Ebony A-piller plastics for T-top cars. mint

HD Driveshaft
-i’m pretty sure wahoo wants this, but in case he doesn’t, its a fleet pride built 3.5" HD driveshaft that has a 1350 series yoke, and i will put my 27spline HD yoke on it as well (t56). i had this built for my TH400 to 12bolt setup. i realize the buyer will most likely need to have it shortened/balanced (~$80), so i’ll keep the price reasonable. it will handle any abuse any of you guys will throw at it though.

bump, most of these parts are still for sale. i really haven’t given it a great effort to get rid of these, but i want to clear this stuff from my storage.

i also have a like new (1 season old):

Interstate Megatron MT-78 Battery (side post)
700cca 875ca 120rc


a few items sold, and others are pending. first come first served. bummmmmmmmmmmp