Lots of stuff in stock

Just listing a bunch of stuff i have in stock, some of which is not normally in inventory.

FMIC kits with piping for S13SR - $500 shipped
ISIS DD Type Catback exhausts - $375 shipped
ISIS Oil Cooler and relocation kit - $250 + ship
SR20 Radiators (S13 and S14) - $260 + ship (no logo - same as ISIS, Mishi, Megan, etc.)
ARP studs: $25 for 4 lug $ 5 lug rear app $50 for 5 lug front app
Deatschwerks 550cc injectors - $425
Brake Lines for Z32 front and rear conversion and 240sx applications $95 shipped each
CS short hub and Quick Relaase sets: $95 each piece shipped

  • all the fun stuff i usually have…

lips (s13 & S14 Kouki), skirts, S14 and S13 coupe rear valances
subframe bushings, collars, multi-link, downpipes, elbows, shifters, endlinks, steering bushings, spin knobs etc. etc.

Also have 350z body kits, shifters, pulleys, engine dampers, toe arms, test pipes, Y-pipes in stock

Bing, what do you think of the ISIS oil cooler kit? Does the block adapter fit without modification and are the fittings okay quality (don’t leak)?

i havent used it but the hardware does look much better than other kits i have seen in the past.

i’ve sold a couple of these kits without issues.

Hey bing just wanted to know about the pullies what are they worth and do they come in diff colours?

$95 shipped… i just have chrome finish

Hey I need some Solid Subframe Aluminum Bushings, and i was woudering if you sold a bushing kit for the rear subframe aswell, shoot me a pm

yeah i have stock on the bushings

Heyy Bing, do you still have the 255 walbro fuel pump kit, oil catch can, and that turbo extension/elbow in stock?
btw, I’m wondering if that turbo elbow has same specs to the megan racing elbows and will it provide better performance?

how long would shipping take to Vaughan?


pm’d… thanks

can you get gaskets?
between exhaust manifold and turbo

i CAN, but i dont stock them…

just buy a screamer pipe from him and it comes with one :slight_smile:

nah he wants the 4 bolt gasket… Varun has them in stock usually.

moreover, i would recommend not using the china gaskets that come with the manifolds and elbows off the turbo. They cannot stand up to the heat and will fail within weeks.

thanks, ya it’s the 4 bolt one, it’s completely gone.
i’ll talk to Varun.

So I’m a little new to this. I just recently bought a '92 nissan 240sx and it was used as a parts car. I was wondering if you had a full exhaust from the manifold back that I can just bolt on in my garage at home? I don’t really want to pay to get the car towed to a shop to get it mocked up for an exhaust system if that makes any sense? Any info would be greatly appriciated!
Thanks :slight_smile:

yeah i can do that for you… send me a pm with more details of what you want.

how much for u? and do u include shipping?