LS1 heads on a 302

pretty neat. wonder what the gains would be



interesting to see if he actually does it.

I’d like to see what the gains would be, if any.

interesting, but other than doing it just to be unique or maybe cheaper there is no point to it. You can get better heads that are actually made to fit a ford.

yeah but the whole thing he is saying there 75 dollar heads but leave it to a ford guy to try and put chevy parts on his ford

what would custom cams for that thing cost, and how do you find a company willing to work with you on that build…

still… interesting

wow,kinda neat!

Post updates if you hear any. Would like to see how that works out.

yeah will do

he would just need a ford cam, its going inside a ford motor, what i think hes talking about is, different grinds, what duration, lift, and lsa he would want to go with

thats pretty :cool:…look 4ward to see the out come

As far as what I saw it was something with the intake/exhaust valves being reversed.

custom cam. custom intake. all that valvetrain geometry bullshit. A lot of work but whatever, some guys like that mad scientist stuff


the intake and exhaust on some of the cylinders are opposite, so a cam would need ground to correct it.

the cam will just have to be ground different!!! its not that fuckin hard…and intake? just by a carb style ls1 intake mani…wow thats hard, and he said the pushrod lenght is the same, soo what geometry will he have to do!!!

if someone is that retarded to put chebby heads on a ford, do you think he actually did all the measurements correctly? He probably just eyeballed it up and said, “yep, that’ll bolt right on there”. It’s just another hillbilly trying to be cheap.

the outcome never happened.

no shi t