LS1 Volvo Amazon #ls122


Some of you know about my LS swapped Volvo, if not, well, here it is. This time around I’m going to actually document the build, not sure if it will be too pic intensive but I’ll try. I’m going to make/post youtube videos as much as possible though, first one is here:

There are pics of the build on my instagram accounts, just search for #ls122.





Oh no… what happened?

EDIT: Got the story off instagram. Man that sucks. Let me guess, Saturn was rocking semi-bald all seasons besides?


What?! :open_mouth:

@jays can you link the Instagram post here? I can’t find it.



At least he has video :neutral_face:


you should. I have them in all our cars. I press that damn button at least a couple times a week.


What brand? Front & back facing? I know @bing has Blackview. It’s always been something I’ve had in the back of my mind. This stuff puts it front and center.


Im using DDPai Mini2p (which looks to be obsolete now). I have two separate “front” cameras for front and rear. At the time they were about $80 ea.

Im sure I documented the install here on my GTI and Atlas.



I literally snapped this 2 hrs ago.


Yea basically. She was likely distracted and travelling too fast for the conditions.


Sucks man. I loved that car. If the roof wasnt wrinkled itd prob be worth saving, but man.


This is a tragic end to what would have been an interesting series/swap. Sorry man!

My first car was a '95 saturn with the same ‘dent resistant’ (read: plastic) paneling everywhere!


Yea, the door opening is buckled right where the roof and windshield meet. Dickered.


That is super shitty, sucks to hear but at least you’re in one piece.