Mac OSX CDs/DVD? Anyone?

I’m looking for any Mac OSX CDs or DVD to borrow to get a laptop booting again. We don’t normally work on Macs, and I don’t have any disks for them laying around, and the customer has no clue where it is. (go figure, nothing new there)

Anyone able to help me out? I’m in williamsville/amherst. I’ll come pick it up tonight, if you can help me out :slight_smile: I will return it after I’m done.


i have a bunch of mac osx dvd’s, mainly for power mac g4’s though. Might still work to boot from.

What do you need 10.3, 10.4 PPC, 10.4 Intel? I have them but you’ll have to drive down to D’Youville to get them.

I have a few sets of macbook pro dvd’s you can have… that would work on a intel mac, or if its a ppc mac i have a mac mini boot disk that i would need back or i could make you a copy…