Apple OSX for PowerBook G4

This is a long shot but does anyone have a copy of Osx Tiger 10.4.x i can borrow to install back on my powerbook g4. I bought a new hard drive and didnt realize i lost my original cds. My machine is a powerbook g4 1.5.
Thanks!! oh yea i live in the Buffalo area so if anyone is close thats a huge plus.

I have a copy, but it’s for hackentosh machines (it’s a hacked ISO, they trim out the stuff you don’t need and re-package it with a custom kernal and drivers for a PC)… if you can use it, you’re more than welcome to come grab a copy.

That won’t work, I tried that

I have an iso of OS X Leopard that will fit on a single layer DVD. Unless you want me to mail you the disk.

Torrent. Also repost.

definitely the T-word.

i only have tiger and leopard for intel based macs, but i have 10.3 (panther) for powerpc

sent pm’s

Torrents are easiest, you can get any version you want very rapidly.

Or install in with the PowerBook in target disk mode from another PPC mac…