Magic sand, awesome.

This is so cool. Mods will probably erase this, for reasons I dont know. Why cant their be a GENERAL chat in this forum?


Check this out, it avoids contact with water. SO COOL.

Wow, that is pretty cool. I saw this and thought magic sand, the fack?? lol But that was pretty cool… How does it clump up then when water is drained its sand… the heck… Hey that might be good for clogging up leaks… LOL joking guys hahaha.

Thats pretty sick.

that shits been out since the 80s. comes in a bottle like this

i like this video better :naughty: :cuddle:

that magic sand video is pretty crazy but the second one definetly takes it.

lol hell ya it does.

Much better :smiley:

that is so fake. it is obvious they are getting paid to do that.

the sand is much cooler