Mars Rover Curiosity Landing


Where is this massive budget cut you guys are lamenting?

Don’t confuse ditching the space shuttle program with cutting their funding. We’re just letting other countries do the routine, shuttling astronauts to and from the international space station, so that we can focus on doing bigger stuff like exploring Mars.


Those with Ipads or smartphones can check this out.

Download the app for curiosity to your smartphone or Ipad, print the scan sheet and you can view the rover ina 3d image and it even functions too. I was impressed that they came out with this. It is cool that they let you get involved this way.


I know this is classic Buzzkillington here, but im over Mars…

Lets get on to the next rock already.


Took a class on this stuff in school and it truely is a shame that we made such large cuts to NASA. Money should have been cut from other areas.
Ive got a whole new appreciation for the space program and what they have accomplished for us over the years. So many everyday things that we have came from things NASA first created. It all starts with the president really. Obama didnt agree with where our space program was going so cut it. It was JFK that was determined to go to the moon he was the one that got people on board. We need someone else that is like that to spark the interest again. Unfortunately the world wide economic crisis is taking the spot light which it should be for the time being but I feel a space program is nessesary for innovation/ new technologies to be developed.


You serious?

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We should like totally land a rover on Jupiter.


Stop looking at raw dollars and look at % of budget. Space becomes less and less of a priority each year.


Dead serious. All your showing me is a steady decline in their budget which will continue to go down. NASA will probably get cut completely and we will outsource everything to Russia or smaller companies in the states like Raytheon or Boeing. All your showing me is that when we cared about space exploration and getting to the moon NASAs budget was about 4% of our federal budget. Now its .48% of our budget and declining…

Thank you J.


Why? Ballooning expenses elsewhere doesn’t mean that an existing program is less important. If it was less important you would expect to see funding cut to direct it elsewhere.


How about Europa which we know to have water, or even Venus… Mars is like the Dane Cook of planets.

This isnt 1994… Im sure the common tax payer would agree our money could be going to better things than NASA in our current state.


+1 to both lol


The common tax payer doesnt appriecate how much NASA has actually done for us over the years… its so much more than just getting into space.

Obama didnt only cut the shuttle program he also cancelled the Constellation program that was suppose to replace it.


Yeah, I’m sure there are bunch of companies like Solyndra just waiting with their hands out. Maybe NASA needs to start donating to PACs. I’ve heard the ROI there is phenomenal.


I made a picture for you guys. Here is NASA’s budget since 2000, adjusted for inflation.


Definitely asymptotic with zero. :xz:


We dont know much about graphs, but were pretty sure NASAs butget will be over $2,012 in the year 17,000.





Thanks kinda tough to see though should have used a smaller range of numbers but I can definitely start to see it declining at the end just like I said and its going to continue down from there.


Meanwhile on nyspeed, everyone’s apparently become a rocket scientist…


That’s gotta be a big resume padder.

Skills: Landing shit on other planets.


:word: to Fry here. NASA’s “defunding” is simply reallocating resources from maintaining business-as-usual stuff to moving on to new things like this, as well as pushing the incentive program for private companies to take over ferry service to the space station and such. SpaceX, Boeing, Sierra Nevada etc. are making great progress and of course fit in line with the idea all you conservatives have that private companies do everything better than the government.

If they proposed a “space tax” of an extra percent on your income, or extra penny of sales tax, how many of you would actually pay it?


I’m happy seeing incentives for private industry to get into space. I don’t see any reason why the Shuttle program should have continued. Time to move onto bigger and better things. Exploring Mars is a great use of resources, granted we don’t piss off any life that exists there.