Mars Rover Curiosity Landing


What a shock that when you talk about making NASA a larger budget priority Joe assumes more taxes. Guess that’s how a lifelong tax and spender sees things. I’m thinking more along the lines of taking the 1% of the budget we spend on foreign aid and cutting it to the .48% NASA has now. Take that .52 percent you just saved that you were sending out of the country and give it NASA. That’s a revenue neutral shift I think the majority in the country would get behind.

Another 4 billion a year at the UN. How many want to raise their hands and say that’s money well spent?

The list goes on and on. Again, you’re talking about a 3.8 trillion dollars in spending. It’s not hard to shift enough to triple NASA’s piddling 15 billion.


How? Mars is the closest challenge for us. We need to get past the propulsion problem of fuel and time needed to really get a grasp on what is needed to go further in the universe. Light takes 14 minutes to make it from Mars to Earth right now.


I’m in.


A large, slow SUV landed on Mars? Are you sure its Mars Rover or Land Rover?


How pissed is Marvin right now.


Just don’t mess with the space modulator…


Decent video made from still shots taken in the last 2 minutes:



There is high res photos and videos on board already that will be exciting to see. Just takes a while to get here at 8kbps


Come on Verizon… when will you have LTE on Mars? 4th world problems.




No color, but kinda pano

Make sure you look at them in full quality.


I see Las Vegas in the background.

We can send billions of dollars of equipment millions of miles to distant planets but I can’t get retards at ALL the 7 elevens in WNY to have a full pot of coffee and give me change for a $100 dollar bill with anything bigger than friggin $ 5’s.


Great priorities. Glad to see you are part of the reason science is failing in this country.


my mind is boggled

that’s just crazt that we can get this kind of look at a distant planet. and the rover will be there for 2 years. can’t wait for more serious discoveries.


You don’t need science or calculations, just glue the corners and it will be fine.

On topic, can’t wait to start seeing some of the really high resolution stuff.

Since the forum auto-adjusts the image size and doesn’t allow you to choose I’ll toss in a link to the NASA images site.


Great minds need coffee in the morning and change in their pockets.


Anybody know what sort of radio tech NASA uses to transmit over these distances? Friggin interplanetary RC cars. :bloated:

I’m guessing FM Radios.

Not Frequency Modulation Radios.

Fucking Magic Radios.


yes, and no im not going to tell you.



Some info on the power cell inside.