Mars Rover Curiosity Landing


So nuclear power isn’t safe enough for us to use here, but it’s fine if we fire it off at some other planet.

When we eventually find intelligent life out there we’re going to find out that the galaxy really doesn’t like us. :slight_smile:


Hippy ^^^

We should be nuking mars to send them a message that if anyones out there, they should probably just surrender.


The radio is PFM.


pure fucking magic?






[QUOTE=JayS;3384915]You don’t need science or calculations, just glue the corners and it will be fine.

Low blow man, low blow. I was just starting to like you too.


Now you see it…

Now you don’t…

It landed on its own, meaning scientists had no control over where, exactly, it would wind up, what direction it would be pointed in or when it would snap its first images.

After all of those variables, the space junkies insisted, Curiosity had somehow snapped a photo of its chariot crash-landing a safe distance away, as planned. The camera shutter had been open for 200 milliseconds…

… The crime scene photo showed that the sky crane had crash-landed, as designed, about 2,000 feet away — and in the direction Curiosity’s rear was pointed toward when it snapped the first photo showing the blotch. The new photo also showed that the sky crane, when it crash-landed, kicked up a violent wave of dirt that had scarred the surface of Mars.

The impossible, it seemed, was possible.

“I don’t think you can rule it out,” Curiosity mission manager Michael Watkins said Tuesday. “It bears looking into.”

#69 is crackin me up.

example: @SarcasticRover Who’s the genius who put the RADIATION DETECTOR on the ATOMIC ROBOT? All it does is BEEP constantly; I can’t shut it off!



The past rovers had 3 antenna and used a UHF radio to communicate. The rover had to be in direct sight of earth to transmit. Not sure how much carried into this one.






i dunno man the wheels look to0 small and tires got no profile so that thing is ganna get stuck in a pot hole. im saying that c’z i didnt see them testing it around on the streets where i live, u know wat i mean…



when you graduating from Harvard?




The same day you can speak in proper sentences. Do you happen to be a part of 716racing? If so, it explains everything.


360 view:,90.00,110.0


That’s fucking mind boggling for some reason. “Just looking around at the martian landscape on a Tuesday afternoon…”


I wonder if we’ll see a man on mars in our lifetimes? That seems like the natural next step, though a whole new world of challenges trying to keep someone alive and sane with a reasonable probability of success for a 10 year round trip.