mcbitchin's '08 honda civic SI

mark asked me to take a couple pix so here they r

srry guys there to big to put on one post



gay, probably doesn’t even have the nav package

i smell a joey vs mark race

aw man, I thought it was a two door :sad

Oh well, nice car. Keep it stock for as long as possible!

wat?!?!, I don’t think so

looks good even though its a sedan

na its got evrything but the bluetooth shit and the navi bitch is annoying!!!

I’m joking, I sat it in yesterday, the sedans are so much better than the coupes. Also, that black color is so sick, it looks blue in the sun. Congrats Mark

lol he wanted me to moon dj yesterday on the way to lvd

Imo the sedans look better than the coupes. Prolly cause I drive a 4 door grocery getter aka rallycar lol. :giggedy

the 4 door si’s look alot better than the 2 door si’s IMO

slam that bitch and tint the windows!!! :ninja car looks good! hope you have the best of luck with it!

your all wrong! :tong

Que? :confused

coupe is better!

So sick, most comfortable seats EVAR!! Congrats mark, you deserve this car after the past 4 shitboxes you’ve owned. :thumb

Oh and the race between me and mark…not gonna happen, maybe when i get MY new car :ninja :mwahaha

I was checking out this car tonight. I like it a lot. the four door has grown on me, and is deff sweet! I love the navi and the seats are awesome.