Me:1 - Goodyear:0

So i took the tire that is stuck on the rim to goodyear because its trashed and i have that hadarz protection. First they said they couldnt get it off the rim so there is nothing they can do because “cutting it would be hard and we dont want to”, then they said i had to bring in the vehicle it was on, which is in a junk yard cuz it was totaled, so they said “oh well”. Then i called my dad and had him talk to them and all i heard was “but sir…but sir…yes sir, i understand…ok sir” then i get the phone back and woohoo im getin a new tire lol…my dad roxors! Then there was a guy talking to some customers about my situation and said its “rare that somthing like that happens” so i said “yeah who ever heard of paying insurance for somthing that might happen, so your policy is i just give money to you for insurance and if somthing happens sorry im fucked”?..customers started laughin…he didint. Moral of the story…Goodyear sucks at honoring their insurance agreements. I just gota bring in my police report and the milage and i get my new tire…i normally wouldnt care but i got 3 good tires and 1 busted one…they are $130 apiece.

it is hard to find places that actually carry out the services they “say” they provide…glad you got your tire

which goodyear did you go to? i’ve never had a problem with the one in west seneca on orchard park rd

Glad you got what you paid for :slight_smile:

he got raped to begin with, so you should fuck them more

u bought the road hazard agreement. in the road hazard agreement it says(which should be on ur receipt i know its on sears) that tire slashes and accidents r not covered. would i have warrantied the tire if its one of my customers sure. because when u send um in how do they know it was in a accident they didnt see the oval rim it came out of. plus if ur bringing me just a rim and not the car it came off. something good didnt happen.

yea they are just following company policy. what if you had a friend with the same tire who fucked it up, and u said lets just take it in to goodyear i have the warranty on it and i’ll get u a new one…

thats what that is trying to protect against. yes it sucks, but im glad u got your new tire

they were giving me hell cuz i didint have the car the tire was from, i told the guy it was in an accedent and he was like “oh well its only gfor that car” well he never said that when i got it, i asked him spacificly “so if somthing happens im coverd and get a new tire if this one gets fucked up” he said “absolutly”…i wouldnt normally give a shit but their expensive tires…and what am i gona do with 3 of em? tyheir gona dry rot in my yard.

only deals with the tires…the specific vehicle doesnt matter since they are tracked by registration numbers…not vehicles

did you ever try to bring it by my store? thought i told you way back when it wouldnt be a problem thru me…

so then come up with somebull shit story… “i ran over a nail, which popped the tire then while trying to get off the road i was side swiped”

so really it’s:

Your Dad: 1 You: 0 Goodyear: 0

right as long as ur storys good ur good

Shutup lol…hey I got my tire today so thats all I care about…now I got 4…anybody wanna buy some tires? lol