Missing Forum Tool Features


Anybody noticing the feature of marking the forums read is missing?


“What’s New” -> “Mark Forums Read”


You guys did something where

http://www.nyspeed.com isn’t the same thing as http://nyspeed.com


Yeah I noticed that.

So we’ve never found a solution to the login problems between the ‘Home’ page and ‘Forum’ page so today I removed the ‘Home’ page entirely. It was underutilized.

In the process I broke that. Still working on things now.


Thanks for the info!!


I’ve never used “mark forums read”.

Do you guys have stats for the site to see what other features people never/rarely use?



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I get this without the www


I’ve never used it either. But it was on the toolbar in 3 places and that’s a bit excessive.

There were several items on the toolbar that were not being used or remnants of features we’ve turned off.

Try it again that shouldn’t be happening.


Fixed, can you confirm?


Yea its working now


The “quick links” / “subscribed threads” buttons on the Forums bar are gone now

I use that one on every site I frequent…



Click “UserCP”

You’ll see all your subscribed threads with new posts right there, or if you want ones that haven’t had new posts just click “View all subscribed threads” on the right side, or “subscriptions” on the left.

vB has a lot of redundancy.