Quick Links Menu

Hi guys!

Congratulation for the new forum!

As I suggested on my other forum, the quick links menu which pulls down “New Posts” link has the usual problem.

I believe, “New Posts” and “Mark Forum Reads” should not be put side-by-side. Sometime, my mouse aimed wrongly. Instead of clicking “New Posts,” I usually ends up clicking on “Mark Forum Reads”…which as you all know, instead of showing the new posts…it “remove” all new posts…

On my other forum, the admin apparently changed it into,
“New Posts” --> “Open Buddy Lists” --> empty slot --> “Mark Forum Reads”

I believe this might help the forum!




Meh, I looked at this, asked some other users… seems to not be much of a problem at all…

I’m sorry, my hacking skills are not exactly up to par

So it will have to stay for now…