How do I do _______ on this forum?!?!


You’re going to have questions, we’ll get you the answers :+1:

First things first: if you’re reading this and you’re not yet logged into your account, keep in mind your old password will not work! You’ll need to use the “forgot password” option to send an email to your email address, then follow that link to create a new password. Discourse has higher standards for passwords than vB.






So confused :roll_eyes:


Is there an app?


There should be. But you really don’t need one since it’s designed to work on mobile. I’m using the least popular phone platform in existence right now (Windows 10) and it’s smooth as butter on Edge.


You may want to toss a redirect here:

Since that’s what I had bookmarked and I’m sure I’m not the only one.


“How do I _____ on this forum?”

How do I see all the images in the Trump meme thread? You have destroyed something beautiful. This is why we can’t have nice things. :slight_smile:


I bookmarked the usercp page and I can’t find anything equivalent. Or the new posts button.


also, can we unpin these threads, it clogs up the page a lot.


User CP equivalent:
New Posts equivalent:


Thanks, I’ll fix that.

I need to go though the posts and fix them. Check the latest post again, it should work.

Click your avatar on the top right of the page, you’ll see the ‘messages’ and ‘preferences’ icons. Is there a specific function of the old CP that you were looking for?

For new posts, click the logo on the top-left, then click the ‘latest’ button. You’ll need to decided what to exclude from ‘latest’ as you use the forum. The default setting is everything and all forums will show up. If you want to exclude a specific forum or individual thread, just click in that forum or thread and choose how it acts.

Look for these options for threads:

For fourms use this:

It’s important to note that I’m using the old vB terminology to describe what’s going on here. This is a quick translation for you guys:

Forums = "Catagories"
Threads = "Topics"


Yeah I agree. I need to go through them.


This is interesting, definitely going to take a while to get used to. Most of the forums I’m on are still using old school formats.


I think it’s so much more intuitive (and functional) that it shouldn’t take long at all!


Wow it actually worked


No, I just had that as my ‘home page’ so when I first visit I see if there are any new posts in my subscribed threads then I’d hit the new post button to see what else is going on. That’s my workflow for every forum I visit. Nyspeed, roclife, garagejournal, ls1tech, etc.

Thanks for being so patient and providing solutions to our whining about a free service.


Sup nerds, just checking out the new digs.


We tried not to fuck up your account this time…


I’m still super butt hurt over losing info from the Shift518 merger. I lost like 10k posts and tons of goodies. That’s what I got for having the same username on both sites I guess. I’LL NEVER FORGIVE.