vB Updates


Last night our vB software was updated as I’m sure some of you have noticed. We’re in the process of fixing little quirks, so if you see anything funky call it out in this thread please.


It seems to be working now, but the “new posts” feature on the son240sx board led to new posts on NYSpeed board this morning.


Not anymore, correct?


Extremely verbose debugging information at the bottom lol


Yeah that will be there for a bit still, lol.


Yep, looks fine now


I noticed LZ is allowed to post




if I manually type image tags around an image it doesn’t work. also embed video is gone?




IMG tags work, I just tried it in this thread: http://www.nyspeed.com/showthread.php?82558-Windows-Phone-Thread-(41MP-Camera-Microsoft-buys-Nokia)&p=3500270#post3500270

And YouTube works if you remove everything after ‘&’ if your URL includes it (see the chicken / Benz ad)




Looks like we need to update double post prevention too.


Our quick reply box is very different… I have a couple of settings to fix with both the img and video tags.


All of our custom forum icons have disappeared for me. Are they still working for you guys? (Click ‘Forum’ & look down the left side.)


Anyone use the Facebook stuff yet?


??? Am I missing it?

When I opened it up in tapatalk it said the API is outdated…


There is an icon at the top of each thread. Apparently someone ‘liked’ this thread, lol.

Yeah Tapatalk needs to be updated as well.


I dont like the forum home button being in the “old” new post spot I have clicked that shit like 8 times already!


Can you post a screen shot? Nothing up there has changed… or was supposed to change. It looks the same on my end.