vB Updates


I did… I was not sure what it would do if anything. I never programed out a site switcher for the facebook authentication code so I think that all of the face book features are pretty useless.


You are asking the wrong guy to do such things…but after a quick good how to search…



Now WTF Is an activity stream?!?!?!?!?!?!? ARGH I hate change


Do you mean where it says ‘Forum Home’ ???


Yes…wasnt that New Posts location?

Then it call all switcheroo’d and I had some Activity Stream mess in that spot


lol, this is what’s going on. If you want ‘new posts’ hit ‘what’s new.’ If you’re under the ‘what’s new’ tab you’ll see ‘activity feed’ in the left spot. If you’re under ‘forum’ you’ll see ‘forum home’ in the left spot.

I’m going to remover ‘forum home’ & ‘new posts’ under ‘forum’ because they’re redundant.


People still use internet explorer?


please put the new posts button back!

also this: [ATTACH=CONFIG]24583[/ATTACH]


instead of the new posts button, ‘todays posts’ will also be better since it just adds the threads since your last visit at the bottom.


Travis post a better screen shot. I can’t see the top.

I’m looking right at the ‘what’s new’ button now.




Alright what am I missing? If you want to see new posts, click ‘what’s new.’ It’s exactly as it was before, unless you were using the sub tab under ‘forum?’ :gotme:


Can’t all this work bring back the young girls taking pics of themselves in mirrors (aka: jailbait thread)?


Oh, sorry. I was showing the big blob of text that seems new.

This is the new posts button I’m talking about. Nyspeed is bookmarked to start at user cp then I press new posts. That’s basically the only way’s I navigate unless I’m looking for something specific. I think it might be the same for others




Ah alright. Is it that big of a deal or can you get used to moving your mouse to ‘what’s new’ instead of 'new posts?" :slight_smile:


Some members work in office buildings with management / IT that looks down on porn at work. That’s why we pulled it.


I’m sure I’ll get used to it, other forums will probably switch soon too.


I know, I know. I guess I’m just being selfish.


for the record, i’m a big supporter of pornographic content :slight_smile:


just clicked private messages without thinking and was confused for a second when new posts didn’t show up. #lifeishard