vB Updates


pretty sure im the one that spammed the hell out of that thread anyways… whoops?

whats with the long list of stuff after “Search:” now when you use the what’s new search??




Thanks Obama.


I only care about the new posts!

More pRon > *


What’s with all this text circled in red? Seems like a really pointless thing to stick at the top of the page and make people scroll past. In Chrome on my S3 it’s a full page of text.



I am working on that right now…


I put the new posts back… not sure why but I did.
I still recommend using the larger “Whats New” Button as I have that set to pull a daily list not just “new” list.


What’s new was making unread threads as read for me idk


If Mike is able to remove it visually, great. But it’s part of the software that stitches the forums together in order to make searches work properly. The other forums had issues not NYSpeed. I looks terrible but we care more about function at this point.

Unless Mike changed it, it shouldn’t be doing that. Before the upgrades ‘new posts’ and ‘what’s new’ did EXACTLY the same thing. Why more people didn’t use it I have no idea. Now ‘what’s new’ includes posts from the previous day as well:


Can we have Karma back? That was fun!


Never, lol.


I like the previous day thread posts. You get a chance to catch something if you’re busy.


No, it’s doesn’t. I just posted this link in the funny pics thread with video tags and it only shows up as a link. Below is a link without tags and the one with tags after it. I bet both are going to show up as links.


I removed that annoying search text until I have time to build a work around. For now it is just hidden.




I like the ‘whats new’ button since sometimes I visit quickly, see something I want to read then come back and it doesn’t show up under new posts. Then it’s a crap shoot if I’ll be able to find it before my attention span wears out.


I acknowledged this in MPD47’s thread. No idea why, but if I click edit then save right away (without changing anything) it shows up just fine:


Yep, confirmed by trying it on the link I posted earlier in the funny pics thread. However if I leave the thread and go back the video is back to being a link again once the page reloads.


I have made a bunch more updates. The double post prevention is back as well as a couple other minor items. I am not sure what is causing the video error as the settings have not changed. I will have to do more research.


One issue I’ve noticed is with pics that are big. I can’t scroll left or right to see the full photo.

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I guess I cant edit