vB Updates


:tup: thanks. That is the image resizer not working. I will get that fixed sometime today.


Since you have to work on it anyway can you look into getting the good resizer that gives you the option of seeing the full sized pic.

Example here:

I really like the way the “This image has been resized, click this bar to view the full image” thing works.


Video embed seems to be fixed.


Yeah the images done scroll or resize on mobile either.


Tapatalk…When I first use it, it works fine. Then Ill try to refresh a page and I get 1 of 2 messeges

  1. "oops…Network error. Refresh to retry


  1. The forums version is expired etc

Any idea why this happens?


I have to find our password to update it. Josh asked me yesterday but that is one I am not sure of. I will try and correct today.


cool thx ^


Not sure it it was mentioned yet, but sometimes I click on “New Posts” and says’s no new posts… When I go to tapatalk, it obviously shows the new posts. It’s like my single click registers as a double click.

Then when it says to see the latest posts in the past 24 hours, tells my I can’t search more than once, try again in xx seconds.

By clicking on “New Posts” then past 24 hours, does that register as 2 searches?

I’ll try to take screen shots next time it happens


This has been an issue with people using Tapatalk here. If you browse the forum with Tapatalk, then go to the forum on a regular browser, the forum sees that you’ve already been here once on your phone and doesn’t display the threads that it thinks you’ve seen already through Tapatalk. For some people leaving Tapatalk open makes the forum think they’re active and won’t display any new posts.

We really need to update Tapatalk & install it on the rest of the forums. Should be done today.


Ahh… okay. Makes sense. Thanks


Try using ‘what’s new’ instead of ‘new posts’ as it will show older threads as well.

I haven’t used ‘what’s new’ since vB3.



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I’ve already changed the terrible logo from before, lol.


Also, the NY speed icon seems like it’s the default one for VB:


I honestly can’t remember if we ever made an icon for that… I’m inclined to say no… Mike?


hmm, yea I guess you are right. I looked back at the screen shots from the first page and the icon is just different, same style


I had an icon for all of the forums. I will have to remake or go dig up the originals somewhere. That is a pretty low priority though (which means i will probably do it quick since it is easy :slight_smile: )


I’ve made some quick favicons for each forum, but your browser might need some clearing before they start to show up.


Where did you place them? http://www.nyspeed.com/favicon.ico


That’s where I put them, lol.