vB Updates


now I click it and it works… stupid cache.



How are the Tapatalk software upgrades going bro? :wink:


You’re worse than my wife lol. I walk in the door and you are already looking for shit… I will get them thrown in tonight since I have some other things to upload and fix.


siqqqqq logo!


how do you navigate to the usercp now? there used to be a ‘settings’ link at the top right next to ‘notifications’


Top right corner says “My Profile” next to log out


for some reason, if i click on the “whats new” in the nav bar since the update, it always tells me “The threads below have not been updated since your last visit or since forums have been marked read.” even though almost every single one of them has had a new post since i was logged on last.

any idea whats up with that?


Do you use a mobile app to view this site?


Negative. I solely use safari on a macbook.


Are you prone to drinking heavily and as a result, viewing the forum in a forgetful state of mind? :slight_smile:


no. i would enjoy life much better then :stuck_out_tongue:


lol. Try using ‘new posts’ and let me know if you see the same results.


that only shows 4-8 posts tops, and thats after not being on the forum in over a day… and i know theres more new posts than just that.


I’ve been having some issues lately where the site won’t even load. Anything going on?


DDOS brought the site down, hence why it wasn’t loading.


No clue what you are talking about. This place is running perfect. 99.999% uptime bro.


Update: Advanced User Tagging has been installed. More info Here: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=242733

Basically you can say @tpgsr and I will get an email that you are talking about me. Also hashtags work.

Here is a quick sample to poke Drew: That thing running yet? @cougarspeed #turbohottness