How do I do _______ on this forum?!?!


I am totally lost here, this discord thing is just odd.

i think i’ve spent too many years on traditional forums, and still do…we’ll see how this goes


There are several differences.

For example, there are no pages. The threads/topics endlessly scroll, but you can specify where to go back to using the slider on the side. Or click it to put in where you want to go. This works awesome on mobile.

Search is live (like Google’s main search page) and works great.

Let us know if there is anything you can’t figure out!


thats the odd part, everything just in one big list, its like reddit, without the subforums.

I dont think i’ve ever checked a forum on my phone, i’m a computers used for computery things, phones used for phoney things.

i’ll have to play with it more i guess


There are kinda sub-forums though, I’ve just flattened most of the old structure to make things easier.

The structure goes like this: -> Automotive -> Off-Topic

OT is essentially a sub-forum of the main NYSpeed.

Classifieds, builds, etc are all up one level on the tree.


I like the new look!


I have no idea what I am doing or where this post is going but…
It would not accept my username with spaces so I made a new one but then I could not use my email because it said it was already used.
I have zero patience for learning new computer crap so this may be my last post. Lol


Your username is still there, the spaces now = _

For example, I’m now “Onyx_Z32” instead of “Onyx Z32”

This is an quick easy fix. Let me know if you have trouble accessing the old account after adding the _ to your name!


Anyway to make the posts fill up more of the browser window, reduce all the empty space on right/left margins?


How much space are you seeing? I’m on a pretty high res screen and only have about an inch on either side of the screen.

I’ll check, but it doesn’t seem that empty to me. Also keep in mind the right side is there for the slider when viewing a topic.


On a 24" set at 1920x1200 I have 4" on left and almost 6" on right in case the screenshot upload doesn’t work. This is with Chrome, but I also tried Edge too and its the same.


I have about the same empty space


Wow that is a lot. I’m on 2736x1824 but a smaller screen and it looks much better.

I’m looking into it.


+1 to getting the bookmark icon loaded up. It’s kinda small and hard to read but it’s better than a white sqare



@travisn I’ll make it bigger :+1:


oh boy. where do i go to ban fools?


Reading threads with the “dark” theme is nearly impossible. It’s dark on certain menus but for threads, the background is white and the text is light grey.


Follow up, it appears to be normal on some threads but as stated on others.


Clicking on the little blue new post icon for a thread and having it jump you to the last place you were in a thread makes this entire change worth it. Even if NOTHING else is better that one feature is amazing. You just increased my productivity like 30% just from time saved in the Trump thread. :laughing:


The images / text here wasn’t designed to work with the dark theme. I haven’t played around with the dark theme at all, other than that first test board.

If people really want a dark theme I’ll work in it. But for now the light/white theme is suggested.

I love this as well. It’s right where you left off reading other threads too, not just when there is a new post.

ALSO for those stuck at work, you can post in a thread by replying directly to an email! You don’t even need to open your browser.


Any way to make my 5934 unread counter reset to zero? I tried clicking on dismiss but the number didn’t change. There’s a checkbox to never have these threads show up as unread again but I don’t want it to do that.