How do I do _______ on this forum?!?!


Yeah, it’s real easy and it’s like the first thing I did… but since I did it I can’t remember how, lol.

I think I was at the root of the forum and it was somewhere in the upper left.



  1. Go to your “Unread” page
  2. Click the “Dismiss” button
  3. Uncheck the “Stop Tracking” button

I’m pretty sure that’s what I did. Obviously you DON’T want to stop tracking everything.


That fixed the unread thing. Thanks.


Cool. I couldn’t actually find the unread page because there was nothing I hadn’t read yet.

This forum hides stuff that’s not relevant which is cool, but might be a pain from a debugging perspective.


So this could be just on my end, but for the longer threads like the multi-year builds, etc. it seems to take exceptionally long to load. Unlike VB where the threads had a certain number of posts per page, discourse just has one long scroll. Am I to expect this to be a regular occurrence when I click on these threads or is there a way so that it will “jump” to the latest post in the thread?


Yeah, after clicking into a long build thread, look for the slider on the right side. Click the date at the bottom to go to the last post, click the date at the top to go to the first post:

You can slide it to exactly what date or post you want to go to.

If you’re on mobile, there is a progress bar which looks like this:


Clicking in there you can do the same things, and there is a “jump to” option as well.

The forum will remember the last post you left off on and take you there the next time you go into in the thread.


ALSO if you’re posting pictures in a thread, just drag and drop them into the reply box :ok_hand:


What’s weird is it looks like the dark theme works, except in this specific thread.


Can you post a screen shot?




@Z28pr0jekt ah I know why, that’s because in the OT forums there is a subtle white image background that says “off-topic”. I put it in there not knowing it would mess with the dark theme.


Thanks! This pretty much moreso answers my concerns. I’m really digging the mobile layout. I actually used to browse the forum in its regular format (never got into using tapatalk) so this is a huge upgrade for me lol.


@livin4hockey yeah having this work so well on mobile is quite awesome :+1:

@mike125k @juicedz4 so the spacing issue is due to some typesetting standard that keeps the text closer together. I guess from a publishing standpoint, someone at some time determined that it’s harder to read text farther that 90 characters apart. So it’s designed this way to make things less stressful on the eyes. Modifying things to fill those side gaps isn’t easy as it goes against the what the designers intended. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


How do I block subforums I don’t care about? When browsing the main site ?

I don’t really care about SON, or Canada Nissans etc.


This off-topic background is horrible. I feel like I’m stuck in Myspace again.


I gave up on the dark theme even though it looks better in a lot of places. In some places it makes the forum almost unreadable. On this thread it makes the background white and the text light gray which is just terrible.


I’m not on the dark theme. This is what I see:


Mute the forum. Click into the forum that you want to ignore, click the O on the top-right and look for this drop-down:


Fine I just removed it, lol. @jays & @Z28pr0jekt try using the dark theme again now, it should work.


Looks good :slight_smile: