Mitsubishi EVOlander Concept


so badass :tup:


eh, worthless. might as well turn it into a drift car like honda did with an element :bloated:


I never understood the performance SUV thing, the only one I semi like is the RDX from Acura (is that what they call it?)

For a little more money, I’d rather just buy a SUV and a sports car.




Its kind of cool looking but its only a stock v6 with 6psi on a supercharger with a 6speed AUTO. thats GAY. Ill by the normal truck and turbo it thanks.


not bad

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meh. it’s not horrible…a little too boxy for my taste though.



No it’s not GAY. Did you look at the specs for the engine? 300 Horse? Take a guess how much torque is following that. Nissan, Toyota and others have entire lines of trucks with awesome torque numbers running V6. V6 is more economical on gas than most V8s. There is a reason every truck manufacturer worth their salt has some sort of V6 truck option. Why would you buy the normal truck and turbo it? :bloated: That’s just stupid. The factory supercharger is less complicated, should be more reliable/predictable. The only reason that truck should have a turbo is if they are adding a diesel engine package, which is obviously not the idea because it’s supposed to be a concept borrowing ideas from a car, i.e. try to make the truck responsive/resemble some features of the EVO (and the jury will be out until they acutally start producing the car or somebody gets a test drive). Why would you want a manual transmission, especially if you use the truck to TOW things. Auto>stick for trucks, especially when towing is involved.

We’re not talking about a car here.


So, you don’t like the taste of Box? :smiley:


Ew. :tdown:


ive never seen a factory jobber with a poocharger on it before


Yes you have.

Ford SVT Lightning for starters.

Police crush tuners.

they have prochargers? centrifical?

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I kinda like it, a lot actually :tup:


My father has a S/C Xterra altho Im not sure of the type. but its balls slow.


Meh, usually I’m all about the box. But this one looks a little too out there.


AMS built an outlander they called the EVOlander. It had a complete EVO drivetrain and 600 hp it was cool.

I was bored, so I went for a test drive!

I think I saw that F.S. on the Evo forums, 2.0 turbo 6speed that was Hott.

custon fiberglassing

meh…looks like a saturn and doesn’t do anything for me

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hang out at the my "new lot" friday 9pm

no they are roots

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