Mk4 Jetta1.8t auto - Parting Out

what you see is basically what there is. Interiors going in a different car, so a black cloth interior may be available sometime soon. Trans is already gone. Motor has a tick or tap of some sort. All the plastic bits for the interior are in the trunk. Think theres a CD changer back there too. Windshield is spoken for already.

Call or Text Justin @ (716) 400-5511

I just realized you have the car sitting on the brake rotors with no bolts in the hub to ensure the rotor does not slip off.

Pretty E30


post this on ditb mike

My buddy might want the hood, I emailed him a pic.

edit, he has a passat. haha

how many miles on it, price on the struts.

  1. They have set screws
  2. They can’t come off without pulling the caliper carrier.

110K, $10 for rears, $15 for fronts.

What year Jetta? Do you know if the color is “silver arrow” or “reflex silver”. Either way I’m interested in the drivers side front fender, and both drivers side doors. Price on those parts?

02 reflex silver.

$50 per door
$20 for the fender

Awesome. Dibs on the parts I asked about. I also need the drivers side mirror assembly along with the door. I’ll give you guys a call this afternoon to arrange pickup.

call justin 400-5511 as the parts will have to be removed still.

…thats why you have the “nap area” under the car. Its perfectly safe.

Currently off the car (or 5 min of work away from being off)

Tail lights
Deck Lid
Core support (inc everything that attaches to it)
Air bags (DS is out, PS is 4 bolts away)
All dash board switches
Gauge cluster
Wiper Mechanism
Engine is laying on the floor, so all acc’s are easy access
Entire front suspension can be dropped out with minimal work (we may or may not need the swaybar off it though, ask Justin)
All the Misc interior trim (black plastic) if you should happen to need anything
Intercooler (only glanged at it but it seamed to be a solid piece)
Intercooler-to-turbo pipe assembly

Stuff thats still firmly attached:

Headliner (grey)
pillar covers all the way around
Side curtain airbags
Gas tank
Front suspension (we may or may not need the swaybar for a customer though)
Front axles (actually, cant recall seeing them, but also wasnt looking)

is this silver or dark grey?

Reflex Silver

Cup holder above radio?

Have any of the front fenders left?

Fenders are both there there is a little rust on the bottom of the left fender as pictured. Ill check on the cup holder.