Muscle50 Callout '09: GTO Kid & HarBRO Racing *New Website Link, Post #932*


its still processing… will have HQ when its done, for those who care.

some more gold:


i like the big ed close up

lmfao your gonna get the fuck out of dodge

You mofos are too funny.

lol wowwwwww

The intro music was hilarious :lol:

Is this kid on here?

I can’t remember ever seeing Chuck that fired up.That was pretty funny.

EPIC thank you. i have no idea who any of guys are but that was fucking unreal. i wish i was there to see that. just for refernce what does his stock GTO actually have HP wise

kid should have never opened his mouth to big ed… thats how it started

that is fucking incredible.

awe, damn YouTube!!! Still didn’t convert it for mobile phone viewing!

listen at 7:26… you can hear PsychoPJV’s brother threaten to break someone’s jaw :lol:

That is Pat’s brother for

LOL i should have stayed longer. Are you boys all going back next week? call me when you go out cruising

that was the best video I seen in weeks. I need to meet this moron

lol 7.5 in the 1/4

OMG love muscle50… lol your girl looks hungry

nice to see mike and j-rud were in the mix there


OMFG that was awesome.

Change Jesse’s title to “Get the Fuck Outta Dodge”

lol jesse :tup: