Muscle50 vs 95 Firehawk

I’m cruising again down this one street minding my own business and these 2 retards fly by getting on it real hard, to my surprise it’s a red Firehawk with the yellow lettering, Now I’m feeling like fuckin Santa Clause from all the giving I’ve done in one night so I say to myself “self, why the hell not”. We get a light and the passenger has the balls to start taunting me and asking me if my piece of shit has any balls. I told him (in a low tone of voice and the nicest way possible) that he was gonna lose. The light goes green and we take off I half throttle it and stay door to door with them through first not taking my eyes off the cocky retard in the passenger seat, I hit second as they hit second stayed a little more than half to the floor (mind you I’m still looking at him) then I punch it and wave buh bye. Stayed in it till fourth and shut down. They get next to me and the idiot passenger is still talking shit so I just laughed at him and blew a u turn.

god damn you are turning into a serial killa lol

JESUS…stop racing…ur gonna give urself a heart attack

good kill none the less


I’m tryin

FnF style… did the black guy in the eclipse ask “Yo! Did he do that stupid staring thing agin?”


Nice kill!!!


NO ITS …He Did the stare and drive didnt he…I tought him that

hmm i wonder if this was my friend mark’s car, its for sale right now on UBRF, red hawk with yellow firehawk lettering. dont know who the ass clown riding with him would be, mark’s usually pretty coo.

lol nice kills jesse. BTW homa ran a 9.7 @ lancaster:lol:



maybe it was chitown fagler :stuck_out_tongue:


self why the hell not, :biglaugh: good kill, still one of my favorite foxbods around, sounds badass :tup:


back on topic, nice kill :tup:

I am surprised no one jumped on this… Was it ChiTownHusta!!?

lol yep i even got it on tape too lol

Damn those Firehawks Nice kill…again…:tup: