Mustang Memes

k, we gotta do this. my FB feed is mostly these memes and nothing else.

Cool story bro…

'cmon even you had to laugh at some of those :slight_smile:

Lighten up mustang owners, there are some funny ones. I’ve had a couple people tell me “nice car, sorry about your penis”

Have a sense of humor.

Why is this?
I keep seeing these cars and coffee clips of mustang owners monster trucking people…

Credit: @bing

I’m planning on leaving many meets sideways this year.

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lol wow.

This has been so good lately haha.

I’m dying here and don’t even know the back story.


The 9/11 one is so fucked up I laughed, felt bad, then laughed again.

If you search YouTube for mustang crashes you’ll find a surprising number of videos where mustang owners try to show off while leaving a car show and instead wreak their car or injure people standing by watching.

Pretty sure this one kills me the most

Love this thread so much. <3

Oh okay, it’s a thing vs just one event.

Mustang week movie trailer: