My Dyno Vid


I’m sorry there is no dyno sheet in that video because the guy who’s taking the video got scared but she makes 683hp 645ft lbs on 30 pounds of boost with no bottle yet because the slicks is already smoking in the dyno.


someday Howie



I thought your first name was Howard, not Ray?


Thats disgusting. That dude shifts worse than me :lol:

Oh and the car was hoT.

It’s not the dude, it’s the DSM tranny … :stuck_out_tongue:

I love how the cameraguy backs up at the top end of the first pull…

and front exit exhaust = t3h win

holy wow

spoooooool… REDLINE! haha that thing goes thru 3rd FAST

it took so long to get going but BAM 2K 2.1K 2.5K 3K 8K hehe I like it, hows the tune on that think you will be squeesing a bit more out of her?

i can’t believe it didn’t blow up

Ah. Shit now I ned to buy a DSM and blame it on the tranny legitimately :stuck_out_tongue:

And Alex, that’s not really his car nubface. :stuck_out_tongue:


bad ass, what were ur torque/hp specs?

good work

it sounds just like your pos tranny